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Capturing the essence of the soul.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL on the Southeast side of Chicago, Breionna has been capturing the raw essence of life since the age of 12. From starting off with a disposable Fujifilm Quickshot gifted to her by late mother Chaka, Breionna’s passion for photography was born.

Breionna expresses her passion for photography by capturing the essences of love by shooting weddings, the pure excitement of motherhood in maternity shoots, and last but not least capturing the joyous occasion turning of another year or historic moment in life.

Breionna motto is “Get the shot, by any mean necessary!” Which translates into if we at B.M.P. have to climb on rooftops, or chandeliers to grab that essential moment in time so our clients can share it with their families, and their future grandchildren, we will get that shot by all costs.

Thank you for visiting our site, take a look around at our works, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via email or directly.

With Love,

Breionna Myles

“Get the shot, by any mean necessary!”